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We build real relationships with our clients. We will be a full white glove service to help you find the art pieces that you are looking for. We often hear from clients that they are looking for a specific piece, a defined style… Whether your concern is to collect your first or your thousandth piece of Fine Art, we believe that every sale deserves attention to detail, with love put into every step of the process, and that is precisely what you will receive when you work with HW Gallery. Most of our business was built on word-of-mouth from satisfied clients that loved our no-nonsense approach, and unwillingness to sacrifice quality when selecting, purchasing, and offering only the best available in Modern Art, Fine Art, Contemporary Art, Blue Chip Art, and as an Art Gallery in Naples, Florida. Send us a message or stop in and let us help you find the next piece that ‘just somehow complete’s’ your favorite room. We handle all of the details, shipping, installation, as well as long-term-care…because we care about the fidelity of these art pieces that have, currently are and will shape history and the world around us. 

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Andy Warhol

Donald Sultan

Cleo Rice

Andrea Dasha Reich

Andrea Dasha Reich

Danielle Procaccio

Darryl Pottorf

James Leonard

David Hockney

Helen Frankenthaler

Dale Chihuly

Clarita Brinkhoff

Hamilton Aguiar

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